Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD):

Information Technology Consulting Services

RTD Profile:

  • RTD was organized in 1969 and is the regional authority operating public transit services in eight of the twelve counties in the Denver-Aurora-Boulder Combined Statistical Area in Colorado.
  • RTD currently operates a bus and light rail system that has a service area of 2,337 square miles and currently employs 2,526 people.
  • It had a $372 million budget for the year of 2008 and a $382 million for 2009.


Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) - IT Consolidation Project identified and prioritized 102 information technology efforts between 16 departments and uncovered 55 legacy systems

RTD Information Technology Consolidation Project Overview:

  • The RTD IT Consulting Project included identifying and prioritizing approximately 102 information technology efforts between 16 departments.  
  • At the time RTD was in the process of implementing the Light Rail System along with 10 major IT initiatives that included: TMA Facilities Maintenance, Kiosk Development, Internet/Intranet Development, Employee Information System, Photo ID System, Pilot Imaging Application, IT Staff Training and Knowledge Transfer, Computer Desktop Upgrade, District-wide Security and Timekeeping system, and an Interactive Voice Response System at TIC.  
  • The Needs Assessment Process uncovered 55 Legacy Systems and evaluated the current IT staffing and staffing requirements as they related to the projects that were identified.

The Solution:
The Needs Assessment and Project management methodology was used to identify the base elements of the projects, to identify components that may be target for outsourcing, and to provide an order of execution that would enable the staff to execute the projects in sequence and would maximize the leverage for each effort. 

The consolidated plan included a conservative staffing estimate to achieve RTD’s goals including completion of existing projects and strategic initiatives by supporting the existing 8 staff members with 5.5 FTE contract resources.