Pumpco, Inc.

Pumpco, Inc.: 

Pumpco Virtual Data Warehouse and Asset Utilization & Monitoring System

Pumpco Inc. Profile:

  •  Second largest concrete pumping company in the United States with 16 field offices in 5 states
  • 200 concrete pumps worth $70mm collateralize $35mm loans with utilization covenants

The Problem and desire to move to the Cloud:

  • Historically, sites submitted information to a central accounting office in an excel format.
  • Accounting spent several weeks compiling utilization reports required by the lender.
  • Management desired visibility into daily operation of branch offices through an automated service that would consolidate the information from branch offices with formal procedures for on-demand consolidated reports.

“The system collected up to date information from field offices and generated customized, interactive, daily utilization and sales reports managing 200 concrete pumps worth $70mm in 16 branches located in 5 states.“, David G. Jacobson, Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Pumpco, Inc.


The Solution:

  • Corybant developed and implemented the data warehouse including reporting and administrative services and change-management protocols as appropriate for each stage of transition to automated business processes.
  • The system was deployed and in use in 90 days. The system architecture facilitated independent improvements in business processes by each branch office and incorporation of new services as appropriate to support business needs.

♦  In addition to providing the base system, an integrated Pumpco Virtual Data Warehouse, Corybant implemented incremental solutions with operational modules that significantly reduced costs, improved utilization, and established best practices and internal controls for sales and operations:

  • Sales and utilization reports with drill-down for individual pumps by site, customer, size,  etc.
  • Online role-based quote module with workflow and escalation that standardized rates and ensured the appropriate pump size was used for the quote
  • Pump Asset management and tracking module for tracking each pump (such as serial number, maintenance, or location)
    • Ability to transfer and  track movement of pumps between sites and allocate sales/costs appropriately
  • The system included a Pump Data Sheets Catalog where customers could request and receive information on pumps for sale.
    • Management could quickly dispose of underutilized pumps and improve the overall utilization of the company
    • The system would automatically fax or email a pump data sheet to Interested prospective buyers. 
    • The system would notify Management of the inquiry enabling quick follow-up.