National Park Service

NPS Dinosaur National Monument:

Dinosaur National Monument River Information Line & River Permit System

“ We simply cannot imagine going back to the way we did business prior to implementing the Corybant system.”
(National Park Service Superintendent)


As with most National Park Services, the 234,000 acre Dinosaur National Monument has endured budget cuts since 2000 that significantly reduced the Dinosaur National Monument’s staff from about 50 employees to 22 employees.  Corybant, Inc. has developed and hosts the Dinosaur National Monument River Information Line. The River Information Line enables interested parties to call 866-825-2995 to get the latest information about permit availability, river flows, and other frequently asked questions about the Yampa and Green rivers

Through a secure WEB interface the service enables the River Office to update information about permit availability, current river flows, and frequently asked questions about private river permits on the Yampa and Green rivers. Once updated by the River Office, this information is available immediately to the callers at the toll-free number.