Colorado Dept of Human Services

CDHS - LEAP Division:

Low Income Telephone Assistance Program (LITAP) Enterprise Information System successfully extends LITAP Program for years

CDHS LITAP Project Profile and Summary:

  • CDHS administers and verifies the eligibility for LITAP based on individual's status in CBMS and LEAP programs
  • Many Diverse Stakeholders:  (2) Federal and (4) State agencies, the CO PUC, (75) Telephone Carriers, 400,000 low income households, and 40,000 LITAP beneficiaries
  • LITAP is a $16.50 monthly phone credit funded by Federal and State initiatives since 1985
  • In 2009, approximately 20,000 LITAP beneficiaries received $2M in subsidies

The Problem:
In April of 2009, the LITAP Program underwent a program audit by the State and it was discovered that internal controls were insufficient to administer the program effectively.  The audit recommended fixing it or shutting the program down. In September 2009, Corybant was selected by CDHS as the preferred vendor for the LITAP Program.

The Goal:
The project goal was to bring the program into compliance with legislative requirements and to reduce the administrative costs by implementing a LITAP Automated Call Center and Eligibility System (the LITAP System).

“The project faces many controversial challenges and has many stakeholders.  Corybant has developed an innovative system to meet our needs within our limited budget.”
(Todd Jorgensen, Deputy Director CDHS)


The Timeline:
Corybant launched the LITAP System in Nov. 2009, just 51 calendar days after the contract was awarded.  Corybant presented an overview of the LITAP System to the LITAP Task Force in Jan. 2010.  Although CDHS budget was for an IVR system the need was for an enterprise information system, which was incrementally implemented  as needed on Corybant's AIF platform.

The Solution and Results:
The LITAP System is based on the AIF Harmonizing Platform which is a framework for building enterprise information systems.  The LITAP System quickly evolved into the LITAP Enterprise Information System as CDHS needs expanded to address additional reporting, integration with Carriers, online portals, and increased eligibility determination controls and procedures as well as PUC oversight. 

As a result of the LITAP Enterprise Information System, the LITAP Program was extended for four more years until the FCC established new eligibility requirements in 2013 and the State eliminated its administration of the LITAP program in June 2013.