Success Stories



An integrated River Information Line and Dinosaur River Permit System based on IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform that significantly improved operations and reduced costs.  (more)

“ We simply cannot imagine going back to the way we did business prior to implementing the Corybant system.”
(National Park Service Superintendent)



An integrated system that brought the LITAP program into compliance with legislative requirements and significantly reduced the administrative costs. (more)

“The project faces many controversial challenges and has many stakeholders.  Corybant developed an innovative system to meet our needs within our budget.“ 
(Deputy Director, CDHS  LEAP Division)



A web-based reporting service using IVEENA® platform that receives information from COFRS, Peachtree, Raiser’s Edge, and Excel, and produces harmonized reports via a secure portal.  Enhancements include an integrated online purchase request system. (more) 

“ Corybant worked closely with us to define our needs and has consitently presented quality solutions that address those needs.”
(VP Finance and Museum Operations)



Asset Utilization & Monitoring System collects up to date information from field offices and generates customized, interactive, daily utilization and sales reports managing 200 concrete pumps worth $70MM in 16 branches located in 5 states. (more)

“The Corybant team goes the extra mile to deliver quality solutions and services.”
(SVP and CFO)



Corybant issued 2 million personalized notifications on behalf of CDOW and collected 300,000 surveys

Annual Harvest Surveys:  Replaced the DOW's manual survey systems with IVEENA® Automated Multi-modal Survey System. The system allows hunters greater flexibility in how and when they respond, allows the DOW to customize questions for particular hunts, and all at a lower cost.  It included an interactive web portal, live call center,  secure database, IVR application, real time reporting and monitoring, and operations support.

“ The Division of Wildlife greatly appreciates Corybant’s work on the Big Game Harvest Survey and values the collaboration with Corybant to move the survey into new technologies.”
(Colorado Big Game Project Manager)




Healthy Outcomes Medicaid Survey:
A complex survey of Colorado Medicaid beneficiaries using the IVEENA® platform (available in English and Spanish), that includes secure file transfer, exchanging data via XML with 3rd party vendor, and preparing a formal Health Outcomes Measurement Initiative report for the US Dept. of Health.

The Health Outcomes Measurement Initiative - Medicaid Survey was conducted in seven (7) calendar days using IVEENA® SDP.  The total population included 283,687 Medicaid clients. The project was completed thirty-five (35) calendar days from contract award to final reports.



Standardized the collection of single event violation (SEV) data in the State’s Water Pollution Control Program and created the standard business processes for managing and resolving SEVs in the EPA's federal database, Integrated Compliance Information System for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (ICIS/NPDES).  (more)

“ Corybant has provided invaluable advice and consultation on process management that will benefit the long-term success and sustainability of the project and the program.”
(CDPHE Water Quality Control Division, Section Manager)



Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) - IT Consolidation Project identified and prioritized 102 information technology efforts between 16 departments.  The Needs Assessment Process uncovered 55 Legacy Systems and evaluated the current IT staffing and staffing requirements as they related to the projects that were identified and prioritized.  (more)

The RTD IT organization was overwhelmed by the large number of seemingly disparate projects, where the projects outnumbered the IT staff by a factor of over 10-to-one.  At the time RTD was in the process of implementing the Light Rail System along with 10 major IT initiatives.  The Needs Assessment and Project management methodology was used to identify the base elements of the projects, to identify components that may be target for outsourcing, and to provide an order of execution that would enable the staff to execute the projects in sequence and would maximize the leverage for each effort.  The consolidated plan included a conservative staffing estimate to achieve RTD’s goals including completion of existing projects and strategic initiatives by supporting the existing 8 staff members with 5.5 FTE contract resources.