IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform

IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform:

Corybant's patented IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform enables Corybant to offer interactive, distributed information and communications services as off-the-shelf, customized and customizable solutions that can be implemented incrementally. The services on the IVEENA® platform integrate real-time telephony services through Interactive Voice Response capabilities (IVR), real-time reporting, detailed transaction logging, and secure access with workflow and data management processes.


Corybant's IVEENA® SDP is a nationally distributed, state of the art platform that provides seamless access to network information services in real time though multiple modes of communication such as inbound and outbound telephone services, branded email, Internet, and call centers.

IVEENA® services are scalable in size and scope. The platform is used to conduct hundreds of complex telephone surveys while delivering personalized priority email messages over any telephone to a single individual, and at the same time seamlessly integrating information from on line participants, call centers, and data centers.

IVEENA® can provide a fully integrated enterprise information management and exchange system.