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About Corybant

Founded in Colorado in 1993, Corybant is an application service provider focused on interactive, distributed information and communications services with patented user-centric workflow technologies and IVEENA® service delivery platform.

Corybant's specific focus is policy-based information management techniques that support cost effective, multi-channel networked communication strategies. Corybant systems are unified information services that seamlessly integrate interactive websites, data bases, automated phone systems, and call centers.

Our Expertise

Corybant was founded to develop technologies and products that simplify creation and management of distributed enterprise information systems.

Our expertise includes information management and exchange, and offering system architecture and project management methodologies to help clients streamline development processes and integrate new technologies into their existing processes. This path has lead to Corybant's extensive technology base in automating workflow and its focus on information and communications systems.

Since 1997 the company has focused on interactive, distributed information and communications services, resulting in our patented Active Information Framework and IVEENA®, Corybant's patent-pending service delivery platform. As a result, Corybant provides expertise in rapid deployment of cost-effective distributed information and communication systems that meets the goals of the organization.


Corybant's Patented Active Information Model (datasourceHARMONIZER™)

Technology focus

  • Define "professional community" as:
    • a formal undertaking that includes multiple individuals with different perspectives.
    • where individual participants strive to achieve common goals.
  • A professional community has formal, continuously improving set of processes including:
    • a process model (workflow)
    • an information model (data management)
    • a problem resolution model (process improvement)
  • Information management policies within a professional community are governed by the goals of the community and not by technologies used to implement information management and communication tools.
  • The professional community implements and modifies its information management system incrementally.

See how our methods can improve your organization's informational agility. Please contact us at:  (303) 447-1988 or info@corybant.com