Pumpco Inc. is a Concrete Pumping Service that operates a huge fleet of over 200 trucks and pumps, in 16 independent locations in 5 states. Corybant was engaged to create the system architecture and to oversee implementation of the virtual data warehouse that could be accessible to managers and administrators.

The project included evaluating current state, creating the internal control and reporting processes that would enable incremental automation, working with management and other vendors to determine differential requirements for consolidating the information from all locations into one centralized database server, and creating procedures and reporting structures for generation of on- demand consolidated reports.


Corybant created a project plan that identified focus areas, process improvements, and system operation. The system was deployed within three months of receipt of order and was in use during while it was incrementally enhanced as the management processes were adjusted to leverage the system’s capabilities.


This system generates complex, on- demand reports regarding revenues, utilization, and asset disposition from information that it collects from computer systems used by corporate branches at multiple locations. The system was extended to include a Quote Module that incorporated organizational policies.

The system also included a Pump Maintenance module where authorized Users can enter pump data in online forms (for example transfer a pump from one location to another or update the pump availability status). The Pump Maintenance module also allows authorized users to populate forms that can be faxed or emailed to a designated recipient (for example to a prospective buyer in cases where the pump was available for sale).

The following screenshot is an example of the reporting dashboard and a subsequent report.

Pumpco Screenshot - Reporting Dashboard.png

The quote module includes the ability to enforce organizational policy at various levels. The following screenshot is an example of implementing the quote policy for a single location.

Pumpco Screenshot implementing Quote Policy.png

Below is a sample of the Quote screen for a sales person.

Pumpco Screenshot - Sales Quote.png

The following is an example of a data entry screenshot that includes prior information for the user.

Pumpco Screenshot – Pump Data entry example screenshot.png

Below is another example of a data entry screenshot for the PUMPCO Data Warehouse. This screenshot include some workflow and buttons that allowed the authorized user to transfer the pump to a different location, email a pump report, and identify significant repair events.

Pumpco Screenshot - PUMPCO detailed data entry screen.png

New information sources may be added or changed as new businesses are acquired or branch operations are split. The system provides the flexibility to incorporate Corporate-level as well as branch-level parameters and rules to create historic behavior, trends and snap shot reports.

The system detects and easily incorporates new information sources and is frequently extended to provide new reports and additional services. A robust and flexible security infrastructure provides for control of access and facilitates adding new users with varied levels of service and information access and visibility.


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