About Corybant Inc.

  • Since 1992 our mission has been to make information systems work for business.

  • Technology providers, integrators, and consultants try to make your business fit available solutions. We have a different approach.

  • We make the solutions fit the way your people work with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Our clients include for-profit businesses as well as state and federal agencies.

  • We only pursue an engagement if we know we can solve the client’s problem and we never charge our customers for our own education.

  • We have expertise in accounting, finance, and data analytics; the architecture, implementation, and deployment of information and communication systems; management of organizations and technical projects; and business process re-engineering.

  • With regard to available technologies we advocate a state of armed neutrality.
    • We have consistently invested 20%- 40% of our resources in R&D efforts to stay on the leading edge of best practices and emerging technologies, and we have earned five patents relating to information management and communications.

Our Team

Mho Salim
Chief Strategy & Implementation Officer


Mho’s vision for starting Corybant in 1992 was to learn, assemble, or invent whatever is necessary for organizations to “be sure they are working on the right problems before they start solving them.” That vision lead to Corybant’s analysis and design processes and patented technologies that we have developed, improved, and used to serve our clients over the years.

Mho is a hands-on technologist and expert in aligning technology strategies with business needs. He has nearly 4 decades of experience in hardware and software, design and development, systems architecting, systems engineering, and line, middle, and executive management for leading edge technology firms. His passion for excellence and deep understanding of business operations provides a unique perspective on how to solve business problems without becoming boxed in by the solutions. As a technologist Mho continues to learn and develop new methods and technologies, which keeps our solutions aligned with current and emerging technologies and best practices.

Mho is co- inventor on Corybant’s patented and proprietary technologies. He earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, and graduate studies in Computer Graphics, Digital Image Processing, Switching and Finite Automaton, Operations Research, Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Modeling.

Barb Rossner
Chief Data & Analytics Officer


Barb is a co-founder of Corybant responsible for data analysis and operational analytics, with a passion for understanding business models in order to help clients identify and apply targeted solutions to solve their business problems and drive value.

A professional with over 30 years of experience in Data Analysis Process, Operational Analytics, Business Information Systems, Business Processes, Financial Analysis, Internal Controls, Benefits Administration, Intellectual Properties and Trademarks, and broad experience with regulated industries and compliance, Barb has an uncompromising focus on our customers’ success.

Barb is the solution architect for Corybant clients. She operates in the space between business and technology teams and works directly with clients to articulate policies, identify resources, and define business strategies that enable the organization to manage corporate resources to achieve its goals.

Barb is co-inventor on Corybant’s patents. She earned her degree in Business Administration & Accounting from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business (Magna Cum Laude) and did graduate work in Income Tax Law and Managerial Accounting. She holds a CPA (*inactive) license and is a certified Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt.

IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform


Corybant's patented IVEENA® Service Delivery Platform (SDP) provides interactive, distributed information and communications services as off-the-shelf components that can be configured and deployed quickly to address specific business problems. IVEENA® SDP integrates legacy and developing enterprise processes with communication services including email, text messaging, chat, and real-time telephony functions through Interactive Voice Response capabilities (IVR) and provides detailed transaction logging and secure administrative access. Services are customized to reflect users' preferences and workflow within the context of the enterprise information management and communication policies. As a result the users experience a secure, robust, intuitive, and easy to use interface that reflects their preferred communication modes and work habits.

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